So apparently farmers’ markets are not always places of peace and tranquility. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at this article – what do you think?

Hammer In The News

What do a red-hot corncob, a Chinese back scratcher, and a bottle of Bennet’s Apple cider have in common?  They were all used as weapons this morning, in a horrible brawl at the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.   Eight people to hospital with major injuries.

“It was getting really ugly,” says eye witness, Carry Leverton.  “And then someone threw a flaming pastry.  That’s when shit got really real.”

What sparked this eruption of violence?  The market’s planning committee’s decision to give away the last spot in the market to a dollar store instead of a vegan bakery.

The workers at one the flower shops, with the help of a cheese vendor,  allegedly cornered several members of the committee while people were setting up their stalls.    One committee member mentioned that every rose has its thorn, and that seemed to be the tipping point.

“It’s about integrity, isn’t it?  It’s supposed to be…

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