Food miles are out and markets are in.

Everyone now knows the benefits of shopping seasonally and locally. Suddenly, what was once the territory of middle class brioche enthusiasts has become an ethical imperative.

These days, who doesn’t measure their self-worth in food miles? We all congratulate ourselves on our moral superiority as we tuck into a fillet steak that once existed as a cow raised in a field a mere ten miles away. We all rejoice to know that we’re eating our apples in autumn and our strawberries in summer.

Food smugness is a virtue, and is always to be encouraged. But the purpose of this project not to add to that already meaty, steamy stew of self-congratulatory consumption. Oh no.

Instead, it is my sense of curiosity that I chase through the wonderful world of markets.  I am uncovering the hidden stories and speaking to the communities that grow up around these places. I will speak to stallholders, and hopefully watch a few at work. I will gambol through fields and kitchens to see where our lovely market produce began its life. I will play games, make meals and take challenges.

So if the market is where your heart is, I invite you to follow me as I roam through the most wonderful and whimsical that the world of food has to offer. I promise we will stop for artisan chocolate on the way.

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